Sumatra IslandSumatra Island is located in Indonesia, lying across the Indian Ocean. It is considered to be one of the most popular islands in the country with its beautiful mountain ranges, active volcanoes, rich vegetables and abundant animal species and teeming flora and fauna. Sumatra has a hot weather and moist climate. With its weather and blessed with fertile land, the island is rich in natural resources.


Sumatra Island is composed of 8 provinces with most people located in Palembang and Medan as well as Bandar Laumpung, Padang and Jambi. The island also has state universities located in Palembang, Pakabaru, Padang, Medan and Jambi. Sumatra is known to be the home of diverse groups of people as there are about 15 languages spoken on the island where Indians, Arabs, Chinese and other nationalities live. There are many Christians living in the island but Islam is still considered to be the most predominant religion.


The island boasts its natural resources as almost 70% of the income of Indonesia comes from Sumatra. In fact, it has rich oil files, deposits of silver and gold. In offshore islands, you can find bauxite and tin. Sumatra is also the home of coffee and rubber plantation as well as other products like tea, pepper, sugarcane and oil palms. Among locals, they grow root crops, corn and rice.


Sumatra Island’s history dates back in the 7th century as it is said to have contact with the Kingdom of Sri Vijaya. This powerful kingdom expanded its control over Indonesia and in the Malay Peninsula. Come 14th century, it fell under the Majapahit Kingdom. The Arabs arrived at the island and established Aceh sultanate in the 10th century and their influence reached its pinnacle in the 17th century.

Marco Polo was the very first European who visited Sumatra followed by the Dutch in 1596 who gained control of all the islands. Later in the 18th to the 19th century, the British controlled parts of the island. During the World War II, the Japanese occupied Sumatra.

Indonesia was granted independence in 1949 and Sumatra Island became part of the new established republic. Eversince its independence, there has been clamor and demands to have autonomy. In 1958, the Acehnese launched a rebellion against the government.

Now, Sumatra Island has a lot to offer not just in terms of producing crops and generating income for the Indonesian economy. It is also home to some of the best tourist destination spots that have been continuously attracting tourists both local and international.

When you visit Sumatra Islands, you get to enjoy different activities. From seeing the beautiful Lake Toba where you can enjoy nature and cycling, Sipisopiso Waterfall to visiting palaces and other architectural sites, you will surely be amazed with what this island has to offer to its tourist.

Sumatra is home to a rich culture and an abundant natural resources that will surely make you come back for more. This huge island located in the west of Java and situated on the souther part of the Malay Peninsula is the perfect vacation spot whether you are into a laid back traveling or a challenging adventure. It features an extraordinary beauty that makes travelers come back for more.