4Riau has the potential natural resources which has biggest oil and gas mining managed by PT. Caltex Pasific Indonesia (CPI) This oil exsports by Dumai Harbour and IP. II Dumai Pertamina.
Riau is also rich of non oil and gas resources. There are some plantations managed by PT. Perkebunan. Swasta Nasional, and Perkebunan Rakyat. The plantation area about 1.361.085 hectares consiste of rubber, palm oil, coffee, cocoa and other plantations. The forest area is about 9.456.160 hectares produces various wood for wood industry in Riau There are also non oil and gas mining produces bauxite, Granite, sea san, land san, etc.


According to National Census in 1995, population of Riau Province was recorded 3,900,000 persons with relatively high annual growth rate during 1990-1995. However with population density of 43 persons per Km2, Riau is the least populated province in Sumatera.

On the other hand, according to registration result at the end of 1998 the population increased to 4, 122,146 persons comprising of 2,072,735 males and 2,049,411 females with population density of 44 persons per Km2.


Result of Social Economic Survey in 1998 recorded that Riau’ population over 10 years of age was 3,181,123 persons. Of that number, 1,643,407 (51.55%) constitute workforce and 1,537, 716 (48.34%) are non workforce category.


The development of non oil and gas export in the last five year shown a steady increase. In 1995 recorded about US$ 3.483,26 millions and in 1999 about US$ 6.40;00 millions.

Up to 1999 there was about 144 kinds of commodities in the beginning of 1990 the export was still dominated by wood products (playwood, sawn and processed wood) palm, oil and coconut products in the last there years the commodities changed into electronic component.